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Does it really work?

Absolutely.  Watch the video above.  Just as his hind legs start to separate, the product takes effect, stopping the separation of his legs so he is able to recover on his own.  If your dog needs a little extra help on slippery surfaces, this may be the perfect solution.  If for some reason you don't experience the same level of success we and others have had, simply return the product within 30 days for a refund.  If you have concerns whether this product would be beneficial for your dog, we encourage you to consult your veterinarian.

Will my dog still be able to run with it on?

Maybe, but we don't recommend keeping the product on your dog during running activities to avoid potential injury.  Most older dogs needing this type of product are only walking or very light trotting.  One of the great aspects of this device is the elastic bands which allow you to easily slide the product on/off your dog in a few seconds as opposed to adjusting straps every time you want to remove the device.

Will it interfere with "bathroom" breaks?

Our male dog was a "squatter" when relieving himself, so there was no issue doing either duty.  The elastic bands stretch so your dog can spread his/her legs enough to support this activity.  If your dog is a "leg lifter", you will likely need to slide the product off before going outside.  However, most older dogs with weakened hips are usually no longer leg lifters.  As mentioned above, the elastic straps allow you to easily and quickly slide the product on/off your dog in seconds.

Is this a replacement to a traditional bandage hobble post surgury?

Possibly, but we strongly encourage you to consult your veterinarian.  We do not promote this product as a theraputic solution as it may provide too much "give" to support your dog's recovery when an absolute restricted motion is required.

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