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Splay No More

Now Available in 3 Different Versions

We are excited to now offer 3 different versions - Original, Max and Max Plus.  Each dog is different and so are their needs.  We're confident we have a solution that will work for your dog.  So what are the differences between the versions?

Original - the original design that started it all.   Super soft, comfortable cotton bands that your dog probably won't even know are there, connected by an adjustable cord.  Designed for dogs that need just a little extra assistance and are OK with some flexibility and give in the bands.  Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors.

Max - soft, medical grade VELCRO® brand straps that can easily be adjusted to fit exactly as needed and connected by an adjustable cord, for Max control.  Available in black in 4 sizes.

Max Plus - the same soft, medical grade straps and adjustable cord as the Max with the added bonus of a plastic buckle with clips.  These additions allow you to easily disconnect the cord when your dog doesn't need the extra support, such as on walks or other activities.  Available in black in 3 sizes.

Watch the Original in action


Does it really work?

Absolutely!  Hundreds of dogs have already benefitted from this.  Check out the video above.  Just as his hind legs start to separate, the product takes effect, stopping the separation of his legs so he is able to recover on his own.  If your dog needs a little extra help on slippery surfaces, this may be the perfect solution.  Many of our customers have commented on how much of a difference this has made on their dog's life.  If for some reason you don't experience the same level of success we and others have had, simply return the product within 30 days for a refund.  If you have concerns whether this product would be beneficial for your dog, we encourage you to consult your veterinarian.

Will my dog still be able to run with it on?

Maybe, but we don't recommend keeping the product on your dog during running activities to avoid potential injury.  One of the great aspects of Splay No More is the flexibility in product versions to meet different needs.  If you still want to run and play with your dog outside, you can easily slide the Original on/off or hook/unhook the cord with the Max Plus, both of which can be accomplished in seconds.  (Note: with the Max, you will have to readjust the bands each time you take them off and put them back on, not overly time consuming, but not as quick and easy as the other two versions.)

Will it interfere with "bathroom" breaks?

Our male dog was a "squatter" when relieving himself, so there was no issue doing either duty.  As already mentioned, the product is flexible and can be configured to meet your dog's needs and can be easily taken off and put back on if needed. 

Is this a replacement to a traditional tape bandage hobble post surgery?

The Max and Max Plus versions can be used for this purpose as they can be configured for a more restricted motion (the Original has too much "give").  We strongly encourage you to consult your veterinarian for therapeutic recommendations. 

I'm interested in purchasing this, but which one should I get?

All of them ;)  Seriously, if your dog is only occasionally struggling, the extra support from the Original may be enough.  If that doesn't work or doesn't fit quite tight enough, return it within 30 days and upgrade to the Max or Max Plus.  If you feel your dog will be wearing this device all the time, try the Max.  If you would like the quick flexibility of taking the cord off for walks or other activities, try the Max Plus.  If you've read this much, you're probably seriously thinking about it.  Contact Us and we'll be happy to provide advice.

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